The Tears of Rraltha

Tentacle Destroyed Near Ashton

A tentacle writhing from beneath the still water of a lake was destroyed near the Barony of Ashton by brave adventurers there. What does this tentacle mean? How is it related to the strange occurence at Lake Scenarious that is spreading accross the kingdom like wildfire.

Lake Scenarious

Lake Scenarious April 3rd in the year of our lord 610:

The quiet waters of the lake stretch out before you. The air is still and calm, farmers and fishermen go about their business by the shore side. Suddenly a horrendous sound fills the air. A cacaphony of rushing water and tearing stone. The center of the lake, placid only moments before, suddenly a swirling vortex. Flashes of fire, chunks of flying stone, roiling waters and whipping winds assail your senses as the area is covered in a dense, opaque fog. As the fog clears and you look out to the center ofthe lake, your eyes are drawn upward by the walls of a tremendous castle, surrounded on all sides by water. No obvious entrance or pathway leads to the castle. The fishermen and farmers who were near the shoreline are gone, vanished or run away, you have no idea. What is this strange palace? SEE BELOW FOR IN GAME INSTRUCTIONS


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